Dear Graduates,

We invite you to the 2023-2024 Mentor Alumni Network with its renewed structure!

Thanks to this renewed platform, whose main purpose is to facilitate the transition of our students to professional life, Koç University can guide students by sharing your experiences and opinions you have gained during your career; by conveying the experiences that made you say ‘I wish I knew this when I was a student’ to our students, you can help them start their career one step ahead. As a part of this network, you can multiply the added value our university has added to you, transferring it to young students who will take their first steps in their careers under challenging and competitive conditions and guide them in their journey to their goals.

Become a Mentor
Become a Mentee
Who can be a mentor?

As a member of the Koç University alumni community, all graduates who have embraced the culture of giving back, who want to share their experiences in business life or academic life with Koç University students, who can devote an average of 3-4 hours a month to this program during the seven-month program can participate.

Who can be a mentee?

4th year Koç University students who want to shape their career by benefiting from the experiences of the graduates, During the seven-month program, our students who meet the criteria that can allocate an average of 3-4 hours per month to this program can participate.

Expectations from mentor graduates and mentee students

To allocate 3-4 hours a month to give feedback by filling out the evaluation forms. If there is a problem in mentor-mentee communication, inform the Alumni Relations Office without waiting for the end of the term. Active listening, not imposing your own truth, is important.

Why should I join?

All activities carried out through this platform are aimed at increasing the career success of our students. Thanks to this platform, our graduates can contribute to the success of our students and support the increase of the value and quality of Koç University graduates in the business world. In addition, everyone involved in the platform as a mentor or student will have a wider professional network!

Mentor Alumni Network Program