KÜME is a social network and database of Koç University alumni. Bringing together all alumni, KÜME is the meeting point of the alumni community in a virtual environment. If you have not yet logged in to KÜME, you can log in to KÜME at kume.ku.edu.tr. After typing your e-mail address with ku extension on the login screen, you can create your password by clicking the activation link and log into the system easily. (If you do not remember your e-mail address or password with ku extension, you can get support from(it@ku.edu.tr)
With KÜME, you can update all your communication, business and education information, reach all our graduates registered in the system, follow the events and register, you can pay your annual dues if you are a member of the Alumni Association, and you can make monthly donations to support the Alumni Class Donation Campaign and the Anatolian Scholars Program.

Our alumni database and social network KÜME are now on the App Store and Google Play as an application.

iOS \ Android

For all your questions about KÜME, you can contact us at mezun@ku.edu.tr