Graduation Certificate Process

As the Alumni Relations Office, we cannot respond to official requests for diploma and transcript purchases. For diploma copy and transcript requests and notarization, please contact the Registrar’s Office. Click to reach the contact information of the Registrar’s and Admissions Directorate.

Documents other than diploma (Temporary Graduation Certificate, Transcript, Disciplinary Registry Certificate) can be shared by e-Signed e-mail in return for our graduates notifying their requests to

Diploma and Temporary Graduation Certificate
Delivery of the diploma and temporary graduation certificate is made after the completion of the exit procedures. During the check-out process, the Library, Financial Affairs, Business Administration, Yapı Kredi Bank, Dormitory and Accommodation Directorate is contacted to confirm whether you have any financial obligations to the school. Therefore, materials that need to be returned to the school must be returned. These materials include computers, books, videos, Yapı Kredi Play Card, caps and gowns etc. can be exemplified in the form.

We can send your diploma and temporary graduation certificate to an address where you will specify. The condition for us to do this is to submit a signed petition to us , stating that you are responsible for the problems such as loss etc. that may occur during shipping. You can scan your petition and share it via e-mail or send it to 0212 338 1288 by fax. This issue is approached sensitively, as diplomas can be prepared only once if they are lost. Your documents can also be forwarded to a relative you inform via e-mail after your exit procedures are completed.

Please click for the lost diploma directive.

All of our graduates can receive their transcripts for free. You can submit your request to and receive your document on the same day. For you, a relative whose name you will notify us beforehand can receive your document or we can mail recipient fees by cargo. If you want the shipment to be made directly abroad by us, it will be made to the schools you give your name and address, provided that you pay the fee in advance.

Yapı Kredi Bankası Koç University Branch can deposit the fee to account number TR55 0006 7010 0000 000042 495658 with the statement of ‘mailing fee’ and send the receipt to the fax number 0212 338 1288 (after making a dark photocopy of the receipt) or You can send an email to .tr address.

You can learn the current DHL rates of the countries from our Post Office (0212 3381258.)

Disciplinary Information Document
The disciplinary information document includes your enrollment and graduation date and is issued in the form of a student certificate. However, at the bottom of the document, it is stated in a sentence that it cannot be used as a temporary graduation certificate. In order to request the disciplinary information document, you can send an e-mail to or you can make a request under the heading of student certificate via KUSIS.