Alumni Panels is a joint initiative of the Office of Alumni Relations, student clubs and the Alumni Association and are held together in close collaboration with the Career Development Office.  The panels aim to establish a platform where graduates can share their professional and academic experiences with students, and provide them with guidance on careers across various business sectors.  Participating students and alumni harness the benefits of face-to-face communication and share a common sense of identity as part of the Koç University community.  After the panels, the participants often further their exchange socially and/or professionally.  The Alumni Panels are organized in collaboration with the Career Development Office, in synchronization with the career weeks targeting several industries and college departments. Student clubs engaged in related activities are also included in the planning and announcement stages of alumni panels. Panels can also be used as UNIV 101 credits for the students and are viewed as “developmental seminars”.

The graduates of our university ensure the development of the culture of giving back by transferring the experiences they have gained during their education and business life to our students.  If you want to be a speaker in our alumni panels, you can contact us at