With the annual Homecoming event, held at the Rumelifeneri Campus which hosts the sweet university memories, our alumni are longing for their schools and other alumni. In addition to activities for children, alumni stands, concerts and other entertainment activities, the graduation class of that year also take part in the Time Capsule ceremony.

‘Time Capsules’ were established as a new tradition that embraces all of our alumni, past, present and future. After substantial consideration of their design, layout and placement, commemorative ‘Time Capsules’ have been prepared for each graduating class and placed on the concrete ledge surrounding the ‘College Green’ grass area, thus establishing the ‘alumni pathway’, extending from the bottom of the Administration building to the Henry Ford buildings. Each year, on alumni homecoming event, members of each class get together and place mementos reminiscent of their time at Koç University inside the Time Capsules. All of the objects and all kinds of other memorabilia, are photographed and exhibited on the project web page (https://zamankapsulu.ku.edu.tr/). Time capsules are then capped with specially designed covers, first of which were laid down on our 24th anniversary, October 4th, 2017, so that mementos of our alumni may forever live on our campus. While walking on the alumni pathway, students can now feel the union of the past and future, and to look forward to the day when they finally would graduate and become a part of this tradition.