We are aiming for 25 Anatolian Scholars on our 25th Year

As Koç University, we have gained a significant momentum at our mission to create equal education opportunities in Türkiye with our Anatolian Scholars program that has been growing stronger ever since 2011.

Our program, which offers quality education opportunities to 376 students from various cities of Anatolia, is growing day by day with the support of our corporate and individual donors. We wish to spread the effects of this success and our alumni to be partners in this success.

As of October 4, 2017, we started the celebrations of our university’s 25th anniversary. In addition to celebrating the achievements of our university as a center of excellence, we also have a meaningful goal this year as graduates: In our 25th year, we will contribute to equality of opportunity in education by covering the education expenses of our 25 graduate classes and 25 Anatolian Scholars. Select your graduation year below to get detailed information about your class’s campaign and donate:

95    96     97     98     99     00     01     02      03     04     05     06

07     08     09     10     11     12     13     14     15     16     17

You can visit KÜME to follow the status of all classroom campaigns.

Thus, with a donation of 30,000 TL to be collected from each graduate class, our graduates will have access to quality education for an Anatolian Scholar, and the remaining two-thirds of the 90,000 TL education cost of an Anatolian Scholar will be covered by our university.

With the donation campaign run by the Koç University Alumni Association (KUMED), every donation from our graduates will be matched by our University at a ratio of 1: 2.

Our Campaign Ambassadors
Even with small donations, each class can come together and touch a student’s life. You can also contact the ambassador of your class and join forces for this meaningful purpose. We are also looking for new volunteers from classes that are not our Campaign Ambassadors. You can mobilize your class, support the growth of our campaign, and be an important part of the social development we will create.

To see the list of our Campaign Ambassadors and to become a Campaign Ambassador  please click here