SGKM Brings Together Our Alumni on Campus

Sevgi Gönül Cultural Center, which is located in the Koç University Rumeli Feneri Campus and has been serving since 2008, brings together the cultural and artistic life with the participants both from inside the campus and outside the school, and it offers concerts, theater plays, film screenings, recitals, exhibitions, dance performances and many other activities. hosts. Sevgi Gönül Cultural Center, which is a social service project, contributes to the organization of many activities from Sevgi Gönül Theater Days, Dance Festival, Barrier-Free Show to celebrities conversation seminars (eg. In the period ahead to affordable concerts to the delight of young people in Türkiye, the theater, film impressions, recitals, exhibitions, one-man show, dance performances, will be hosted cocktail parties.

We are waiting for you to join us!

You can follow the program of SGKM on its website and participate in events and take your place on the stage with your own art activities. For detailed information, please contact the project team at

Please click to access the SGKM website.